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We look forward to sharing your knowledge of research in order to develop the innovations in the fashion and textiles area around the world.

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Volume -1; Issue - 1
Publication Date:15th July 2019
Submission Last Date: 15th June 2019.
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Journal of Textile, Fashion and Apparel (JTFA) is the leading open access journal publisher focused to publish research articles from researchers of Master Degree, M.Phil Scholars and Ph.D from the field of Fashion and Textiles and from the researchers of industrial and Business Experts.

Our Journal encourages innovative thoughts and research works in all the fields and publishes elevated quality papers,  review papers, conference papers, technical reports, books events and news in our journal portal.

Journal of Textile, Fashion and Apparel (JTFA) strive for Original Quality Research papers and Strictly No Plagiarism on all the Publications.

Areas of research

Fibre : Cotton Cultivation, Organic Cotton, Cotton Quality, Cotton Ginning, Synthetic Fibres, Regenerated Cellulosic Fibres, Man Made Fibres. Hi-Performance Fibres etc. Fibre Testing and Quality.

Yarn: Ginning, Mixing, Blending, Preparatory Processes, Spinning, Modern Spinning, Post Spinning Processes, Yarn Testing, Quality and Management.

Fabric: Preparation to Fabric Manufacture, Weaving, Knitting, Non-Woven and other Manufacturing Techniques. Fabric Structure and Analysis. Fabric Testing, Quality and Management.

Chemical Processing: Preparatory Processes, Dyeing, Printing and Finishing. Chemical processing, Testing, Quality and Analysis. Effluent treatment and Environment studies.

Garment & Fashion: Designing, Pattern Designing and Drafting, Laying, Cutting, Sewing and Post Sewing operations. Garment and Fashion Merchandising. Garment Testing, Quality and Analysis.

Speciality Textiles: Industrial and Technical Textiles, Smart Textiles, Nano Textiles.

What We Publish

Submissions of Research Papers which illustrate unique, innovative and definite findings, and investigation measures should be given in adequate element for other researchers to substantiate the work. The page length of a full research paper should be 15 pages at the maximum.

Submissions of perspective reviews covering topics of latest interest are invited and welcomed. The page length of a full review paper should be 20 pages at the maximum.

Submissions of Short Communication are invited from the results of complete small investigations of new project models, innovative methods, techniques, and equipment. The page length of a Short Communications paper should be 10 pages at the maximum.

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